George Levine out in 22nd

George Levine out in 22nd

George Levine out in 22nd Position from the Main

First hand of day3 and Rudolph Fourie opens the action from UTG. Its folds around to George Levine in the SB who 3 bets it up. Action back on Fourie who moves all in having Levine Covered. Levine makes the call and his tournament life is on the line.. We go to showdown and Fourie tables A♦K♠, Levine has pocket Jacks (J♠J♣)

The flop lands10♦9♠A♥ and Fourie without a sweat takes the lead spiking top pair of Aces. The turn is the K♣ and Fourie Improves to two-pairs aces and Kings. George is in need of any Jack or Queen left in the deck to win the hand. The river lands K♥ and Fourie gets the Check Mark improving ever street to a Full-house Kings full of Aces. Fourie takes down the pot of just under 1 million chips.

George exits in 22nd position. Congrats on another tournament cash George!

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