Ilhan Diraz Eliminated in 8th position:

Ilhan Diraz Eliminated in 8th position:

Blinds 40000/80000 with an 80000 ante from the BB.

Action on Lagan Zackey who opened UTG to 120k action on Ilhan Diraz next door in UTG+1 who moves all in for 495k. Action folds back around to Zackey who tanks before making the call. Zackey shows AsJc and Diraz shows AcKc. Diraz is about a 74% favorite to double up as he has the AJo of Zackey dominated. The flop is safe for Diraz on a 5s-6h-5h board. The Ts turn keeps Diraz ahead. Diraz needs to avoid 1 of 3 outs in order to double up. The river delivers 1 of Zackey’s outs with the Js eliminating Diraz in 8th for a payout of R77,517. 



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