“It’s all a learning curve” – Darryn Lipman

“It’s all a learning curve” – Darryn Lipman

Darryn Lipman stopped by and had a chat with us. Find out what he considers his best hand and enjoy some of the epic value he gives us in this player spotlight.

Q1: What’s your favorite poker hand?

“I don’t have a specific hand but I don’t mind seeing aces”

Q2: What do you love most about playing poker?

“Winning. Beating every other player”

Q3: What poker advice would you give yourself 3 years ago?

“It’s all a learning curve but the only advice I’ve got for myself is to count to 5 before I make a decision on a big pot, and not to rush it. Sometimes I can be too impulsive and already have an idea of what I want to do with a specific hand.”

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