Justin Uys eliminated from Main

Justin Uys eliminated from Main

Blinds 2500/5000 with an ante of 5000 from BB.

Action folds around to Justin Uys in the HJ, who moves all-in for 43K. The C/O folds and action is on Levi Dare on the BTN who moves all-in over the top. The SB and BB fold and we go to showdown. Dare has Uys covered. We go to showdown and Uys tables A♥9♥, Dare has pocket Jacks(J♥J♦).  The flop lands Qh10d10s and the Jacks of Dare still lead going into the turn 9s. Justin Finds a pair of nines on the turn and can now find any Ace or 9 to win the hand. The river bricks for Uys as the 7h lands and Dare gets the check mark eliminating Uys with two-pairs Jacks and tens.

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