Lagan Zackey Eliminated in 4th position

Lagan Zackey Eliminated in 4th position

Blinds 30000/60000 with a 60000 ante from the BB. Action on Lagan Zackey who open jams from the BTN for 995k. Ahmed Karrim moves in over the top from the SB and action on Warren Zackey who calls off his entire stack from the BB and we have a 3-way all-in situation. Lagan Zackey shows J♥T♥, Karrim shows A♠Q♥ and Warren Zackey shows 7♦7c. The flop hits both Karrim and Warren Zackey but Zackey has the better of it on a 7♠Q♣6♠ flopping middle set. The turn is the 4♣ and the river is the 4♦ giving the check mark to Warren Zackey with sevens full of fours and eliminating Lagan Zackey in 4th. Congratulations to Lagan Zackey who cashes out R215,325.

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