Nawal Jaftha Eliminated from Main

Nawal Jaftha Eliminated from Main

Blinds 2500/5000 with an ante of 5000 from the BB.

Nawal Jaftha, one of our Monster Jam Queens and Grand Slam final tabelist, moved all-in short stacked from middle position. Action folds around to Ilhan Diraz in the BB who makes the call. We go to showdown and Jaftha tables A♥3♥. Diraz has pocket 10’s(10♥10♠). The board runs out 4♣8♥8♦K♦5♣. Jaftha is unable to connect with the board and Diraz wins the hand with two-pairs tens and eights, eliminating Jaftha from the main event.

Congrats on another great tournament performance Nawal.

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