Tasty Pot for Maryna

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We joined the action on the turn with a board of 5♣8♣9♣4♦. Maryna had moved all in for just over 60K (120 BBs) and after tanking for a long time and having time called on him, Gert makes the call. Cards on their back and Maryna Tables K♣3♣ showing a flopped King High clubs flush. Gert has 6♣7♠ showing a flopped 9 high straight with a gutshot straightflush draw. Gert can only win the hand with the 7♣ on the river and is drawing to 1out. The river lands Jh and Maryna gets the check mark. Taking down the pot of over 120K and Eliminating Gert from day1 of the Freezeout.


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