What is Suren’s most memorable moment at #MJPT?

Welcome, Suren Naidoo to Monster Jam Poker Tour Sun City 2019.

We snuck in a quick interview with Suren during the break of The Monster Stack Freeze day 1B and this is what he had to say:

Q1: How long have you been playing poker for?

“Probably about 10 years”

Q2: How many #MJPT have you played?

“I’ve played a few. Last year I played 3. In total probably about 6”

Q3: What is your most memorable moment at #MJPT?

“Winning this tournament (Monster Stack Freeze) last year at Sun City”

Q4: What keeps you coming back to #MJPT?

“Very friendly dealers. Very friendly staff. Very nice atmosphere. Lekker venues that you can take the family to”

Q5: What event are you most excited for during #MJPT?

“I like playing the Hi-Roller. That is the most exciting for me”

Thank you, Suren for taking the time to share some of your journey with us. All the best for the series and see you at the Hi-Roller.

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