All In Action!!

Blinds: 5000/10000 – 10000 BB Ante

Darren Kramer pushes All in with 10♥10♠ for 190 000

Alvin Pillay shoves over the top with K♠K♣ 

Darren is not in good shape for his tournament life

Flop: J♦9♣4♣

Safe flop for Alvin just trying to avoid the 10

Turn: Q♦

Giving Darren 4 additional outs, he can’t spike his 10 anymore, but he now has four 8’s and the two remaining Kings

River: K♥

Darren finds his miracle on the river and celebrates with fists thrust into the air, Alvin gets a punch to the gut when he sees the K roll off on the river.

Darren now has fighting chips to hopefully run deep!

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