Players are now on their first Break for Day 1B,

Some action from session 1’s play

Flop: A♠2♠3♠

Maxine Catano moves all in for her remaining 6700 chips

Zlatko Dobronic makes the call as does Huawei Sun

Turn: 3♦

Huawei bets 7000, Dobbie makes the call

River: K♠

Dobbie and Huawei both check

Maxine opens up 3♥2♥ for a full house and wins the main pot

Dobbie opens up 6♠4♠ for a flopped flush, but only a small flush when the K♠ peels off on the river, Luckily for him Huawei shows the 5♠ for a straight flush draw on the flop, but doesn’t beat the 6 high flush.

Dobbie winning the side pot

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