All In Pre Flop!!

Blinds: 200/300 – 300 BB Ante

Fabian Feppe limps from under the gun

Clive Kikia opens up the betting to 2000

The play gets back around to Fabian who raises to 25 000

Clive 4 bets Fabian to 60 000

Fabian is having none of it and goes all in for 100 000

Clive announces, I can’t fold now, and makes the call.

Fabian shows AA

Clive turns over J2 of spades

Flop: K 2 6 

Turn: 7

River: J

Giving Clive 2 pair, Jacks and two’s, can you believe it!

Fabian is horrified, but takes it on the chin and and off to the rail he goes

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