Blinds: 400/800 – 800 BB Ante

Sam Clarke Raises to 2000 under the gun (AQ)

Boris Milwidsky Re Raises up to 12 500

Clive Kikia in the Big Blind makes the call

Sam comes along with his AQ

Flop: J J 6

Clive leads out for 10 000

Sam Folds, Boris calls

Turn: 4

Both players check

River: A

Clive bets 17 500

Boris moves all in over the top for 60 000

Clive makes a quick call and turns over 66 for a flopped full house

Boris is also eager to flip his cards and gives Clive the bad news

He shows Pocket Jacks for flopped Quads and scoops in a lot of Clive’s chips

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