Blinds 500/1000 – 1000 BB Ante

Gareth Kalil opens on the button to 3000

Greg Tucker calls in the SB and Jason Hofmann calls in the BB

Flop: A♠️Q♣️2♥️

The play checks through to Gareth who bets 4000

Greg folds and Jason calls

Turn: J♠

Gareth bets 5000, Jason calls

River: 8♣

Jason checks it to Gareth who bets 10 000

After Jason thinking for some time, Gareth says, “I’ve got you here brother, you should fold” Jason continues to think about it

Gareths says again, “Brother, I promise you losing”

Jason finally folds and shows A10

Gareth shows him two beautiful ladies – Pocket Queens – to win the hand with a flopped set

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