Massive hand for the Chip Lead!!

Armandt Olivier raises under the gun to 8000

Nick Gara 3 bets to 23 000

Loutjie Pelser on the Button wants to play for all of his chips

He goes all in for 300 000

Armandt goes all in as well for 245 000

Nick folds (Pocket Jacks)

Flop: K Q 2

Loutjie uses a confundus charm on Armandt, Armandt doesn’t know what has hit him, Loutjie comes good on the flop spiking one of the two Kings he needed

Turn 10, giving Armandt some extra outs but the river runs out a 2 giving the check mark to Loutjie

Loutjie is now sitting on 580 000 chips!!!

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