All in Action:

Blinds: 5 000/10 000 – 10 000 BB Ante

Under the gun opens up the action to 25 000

Ronit Chamani calls in middle position, The Hat calls in the cut off

Button and Small blind make the call as well

Flop: K♦7♠4♣

Action checks to the Hat, who decides its time to play for all of his chips and goes all in for 150 000

Ronit calls and everyone else folds

The Hat shows K♠10♠

Ronit shows AA

Turn: 2♠ giving The Hat a flush draw with his pair of Kings

River: 10♦

The Hat has pulled the rabbit from within! And found the cards he needed!!

All but knocking Ronit out from the tournament, she was out 2 hands later

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