Massive hand for the 1st Blind Level incoming!!

Blinds: 100/200 – 200 BB ante

Ahmed Karrim opens the action to 600 under the gun

Kinesh Pather raises from under the gun +1 to 3200

David “Bozo” Rosenthal 4bets from utg +2 to 10 500

Ahmed folds, Kinesh Pather calls

 Flop: 9 7 2

Kinesh checks, and bozo bets 10 000

Kinesh raises the 10 000 up to 30 000

Bozo decides to put all his chips in the middle

Kinesh makes the call

Kinesh opens up Pocket Jacks

Bozo opens up Pocket 7s for a flopped set

The turn and river both bring sixes, 

Bozo takes down a Massive all in for the 1st blind level!

Bozo now has the chip lead with 225 000 chips

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