Cooler on the feature table!

Blinds: 300/600 – 600 BB Ante

Maneesh Singh limps from under the gun with 44

Ajay Harduth raises things up to 2600
Mariette Language calls as does Maneesh

Flop: A 4 5

Maneesh has flopped a set!

Ajay leads out for 3500

Mariette folds and Maneesh calls

Turn: 5

Both players check

River: 8

Maneesh bets 7 000

Ajay raises it up to 16 000

Maneesh just calls!!!

Maneesh shows his full house, fours full of fives

Ajay turns over pocket Aces for a bigger full house!!

Massive cooler, Maneesh does well to walk away from the hand with some chips!!

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