Muaz Gani and Jesse Rosen get into a big pot!

Blinds: 3 000/6 000 – BB Ante 6 000

Jesse raises to 15 000 from under the gun,

Action folds around to Muaz in the big blind who defends for 9 000 more

Flop: 2♠6♥Q♠

Muaz checks to Jesse who bets 12 000

Muaz reraises to 38 000

Jesse thinks for a while and then moves all in for 93 000, Muaz calls instantly

Jesse shows: K♥K♠

Muaz tables: 9♠6♠

Jesse is only a 55% favorite, Muaz can hit any 6, 9 or spade to win the hand

Giving him 14 outs going to the turn

Turn: K♦

Taking 5 of Muaz’s outs away, he can now only find a spade to win the hand

River: Q♦

Giving Jesse the checkmark and a full double up

Jesse: 245 000

Muaz: 110 000

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