Max Deveson out in 9th!

Blinds: 8 000/16 000 – BB Ante 16 000

Fazel Dawood raises from the Small blind to 36 000 with 10♠10♣

Max in the Big Blind makes the call with 5♠6♠

Flop: 7♥2♣8♦

Fazel bets his over pair – 70 000

Max makes the call with his open ended straight draw

Turn: 9♠  giving Max the straight, and Fazel now looking for a Jack or a six to make a higher straight.

Fazel bets 200 000

Makes flat calls, setting the trap for a river all in

River: J♣ giving Fazel a bigger straight than Max

Fazel shoves all in, Max doesn’t think long before making the call

Fazel: 1 300 000

Max: Eliminated

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