Golf 9 is out in 8th Place

Golf 9 under the gun raises it up to 50 000

Nick Katsapas calls in middle position

Levine Singh in the Big Blind calls 30 000 extra 

Flop: A♦K♣4♠

Levine checks to Golf 9 who goes all in for 215 000

Nick Calls and Levine folds

Nick shows A♥10♣

Golf 9 tables A♣9♣, needing only a 9 or running clubs to stay in the Tournament

Turn: …………… 9 giving Golf 9 the massive advantage going to the river!

Nick needing a 3 outer on the river to knock out Golf 9

River: ……………. 10, like a scene from a movie!

Nick says thats why I’m the Best!!!

Eliminating Golf 9 from the tournament

Nick now has 1.2million chips

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