Jason Strauss is All in, in a 4 way pot!

Harold Brooks opens up the action from the Highjack with A♠J♠ to 64 000

Jason Strauss moves all in on the button with A♣10♦ for 197 000

Gio Zanette in the Small Blind makes the call with A♥J♥

Levine Singh wakes up with Queens! He also makes the call!

The action is back on Harold, who completes and makes the call as well

The Board runs out with no betting from the 3 players still in the hand:

K♦8♥4♦  7♠           A♦

Which takes the win away from Levine, 

Gio and Harold chop the 824 000 chip pot, 

Eliminating Jason in 7th place

Gio – 1.4 Million

Harold – 1.7 Million

Levine – 409 000

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