JP Okes is all in Pre Flop!

Blinds: 20 000/40 000 – BB Ante 40 000

Muhammed Abboobaker(Zubi) raises to 80 000 pre flop,

JP moves all in for 255 000, Zubi makes the call for 175 000 more

JP Tables A♦J♦

Zubi shows J♥10♥

The Flop: A♣A♥K♥

Giving JP trips but Zubi has flopped a royal flush draw!!

The Turn: 4♥ which completes the flush for Zubi,

JP needs the board to pair, or a J on the river to stay in the tournament

River: ………. A♠      Making JP quads on the river

JP wins the hand and is now over 500 000 chips!

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