Harold Brooks Finishes 4th!

Throughout the Tournament Harold has been one of the Chip Leaders, 

Navigating an incredibly difficult field seemingly very easy!

Blinds: 20 000/40 000 – BB Ante 40 000

Nick Katsapas raises to 80 000 on the button,

Harold calls from the small blind

Giovanni Zanette defends from the big blind

Flop: Q♦5♣3♦

Harold leads out from the small blind for 140 000

Gio calls and Nick folds

Turn: J♥

Harold bets 260 000

Gio moves all in, covering Harold

Harold makes the call

Gio shows 5♠3♣ for bottom two pair

Harold tables K♦Q♥, behind and needing to catch up on the river

Only a K, Q or J can keep Harold in the tournament

River: 3♥

Giving Gio a full house and eliminating Harold from the tournament

Harold cashes for R200 000 

Gio now has 4.6Million chips

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