Nick Katsapas, the biggest personality of the Super High Roller has been knocked out in 3rd Place.

Blinds: 25 000/50 000 – BB Ante 50 000

Giovanni Zanette on the button raises to 150 000

Fazel folds, Nick moves all in on the big Blind

Gio turns over 9♦9♥

Nick tables Q♠J♦

It is a race, Gio has a 50% chance of knocking Nick out in 3rd.

The Board runs out:

8♥A♣6♠  K♥  8♦

Which is no help to Nick, he is eliminated in 3rd place for R300 000

The tournament is down to Heads Up!

Giovanni Zanette – 5 000 000

Fazel Dawood – 1 600 000

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