The Super High Roller Champion fires off a quick bullet into the Big Shot!

Gio Zanette sits down at the feature table, and 10 minutes in finds himself in all-in action with Max Deveson

Kinesh Pather opens up the betting from early position

Gio goes all in for 72 000 on the small blind

Max re-shoves in the big blind

Kinesh folds

Gio opens A♠J♥
Max tables 10♣10♥

Flop: 8♥K♠8♣ which is no help to Gio

Turn: 10♠ locking up the hand for Max

the river is a meaningless 5♣

Gio is off to the cash desk to do a rebuy

This should be a Fun tournament!!

Max is now on 508 000

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