Max Deveson, the one time chip leader, has been sent knocked out!

Max under the gun moves all in for the remainder of his stack,
He moved all in Blind wanting to try run up his short stack during the last level of re entries!

Blinds: 2 000/4 000 – BB Ante 4 000

Max’s all in is for 8 500, and gets 4 callers! 

Max has 4♣3♠

Moto Uhara calls with 2♥2♦

Kinesh Pather calls with 6♥6♣

Fazel Dawood calls with K♠2♠

Corne Schalkwyk completes in the big Blind with 10♣9♣

The action checks through all 4 remaining players to the river:

Board: J♠7♦A♣  K♦  A♠

Giving Fazel the winning hand and knocking Max to the rail

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