Slip up from Muhammed Abboobaker(Zubi)

Blinds: 10 000/15 000 – BB Ante 15 000

Zubi opens up the action to 40 000

Corne Van Schalkwyk calls on the button

Kinesh Pather in the small blind calls

Three ways to a flop:


Flush draw for KP, under pairs for the other two

KP checks to Zubi who continues with the betting angle, he bets 65 000

KP calls

Turn: 2♣

KP checks the action over to Zubi who moves all in!

KP insta calls!!!

Zubi turns his hand over, 7♦7♣

KP tables 10♣6♣ for a flush and has Zubi drawing dead!

The river is a meaningless 2♣

Kinesh eliminating Zubi

Kinesh now has 1million chips!!!

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