Ahmed Karrim finishes in 3rd Place

Blinds: 30 000/60 000 – BB Ante 60 000

Ahmed in the small blind limps

Kinesh Pather in the big blind checks

Flop: 5♥8♠10♣

Ahmed bets 60 000, Kinesh calls

Turn: 7♠

Ahmed checks, Kinesh with his 2 pair bets 165 000

Ahmed thinks for a while and moves all in for 650 000

Kinesh makes a quick call

Ahmed shows 9♣8♦ for 1 pair and a straight draw

Kinesh tables 10♠7♦ for two pair!

Ahmed will need a 6, 8 or J on the river to stay alive

River: 3♠ , no help to Ahmed

Kinesh now has 1,9million chips, eliminating Ahmed in 3rd place

He cashes for R100 800

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