Kinesh Pather beats Moto Uhara in a good old fashioned Heads up battle!

They went toe to toe with the chip lead exchanging hands on multiple occasions

The Final hand Kinesh calls the 620 000 all in of Moto with K♣️2♣️

Moto shows Q♥️9♣️

The Flop: Q♠️2♠️3♠️ giving Moto the lead with a pair of queens

Turn: 7♠️ giving Kinesh a few extra split possibilities if another spade comes on the river

River: K♦️ Making Kinesh 2 pair!!! Eliminating Moto in the process

Kinesh Pather is the Big Shot champion taking home R252 000

Moto walks away with R151 200 for 2nd place

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