All in Action!

Play gets to Vigandas Simuntis in the big blind, with 4 players in before him having put 1500 into the pot.

He announces “Pot”, and makes it 9 000 total.

Moto Uhara, Shaun Govender and Saj Moideen make the call

Flop: A♥J♣7♣

Vigandas moves all in for 21 000

Shaun makes the call

Vigandas has A♣A♦6♣5♥2♥

Shaun shows Q♥Q♠7♦7♥2♠

Both players flopping a set, but Shaun is in bad shape and looking for 1 out only or running hearts

The Turn and river don’t help Shaun, as the 4♠ and 10♠ peel off

Vigandas doubles up through Shaun

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