Lauren Piha doubles up through Max Deveson
**Cooler Alert**

Blinds: 1000/2000 – BB Ante 2000

Max opens the action to 4 000

Lauren 3bets him to 13 000

Kinesh Pather calls on the button

Max makes the call as well

Flop: J♥10♠7♣

Max checks, Lauren bets 16 000

Kinesh and Max both call

Turn: K♦

Max checks, Lauren bets again – 37 000

Kinesh gets out the way

Max moves all in over the top

Lauren snap calls and shows Max the nuts A♥Q♦

Max tables Q♠9♠ for the second nut straight………

The river is the 6♣ giving Lauren a full double up through Max

Lauren is now on 595 000

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