Interesting Hand!

Blinds: 2000/4000 – BB Ante 4000

Warrick Weigand raises pre flop to 10 000

Muhammed Abboobaker(Zubi) calls on the button

They are heads up to the flop:


Warrick bets 12 000, Zubi calls

Turn: 6♦

Warrick bets 16 000

Zubi raises to 55 000

Warrick thinks, then makes the call

River: K♠

Warrick checks to Zubi who bets 75 000

Warrick goes into the tank, for a good 2 minutes

Eventually deciding on a fold, opening up his cards


Zubi looks perplexed, but after seeing the massive fold, decides not to show his cards to the table

Zubi takes down a sizeable pot!

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