Massive Pot on the Feature Table!

Blinds: 2000/4000 – BB Ante 4000

Kinesh Pather opens in the cut off to 8 000

Moon Khan on the button calls

Giovanni Zanette 3bets from the small blind to 26 500 

Gareth Kalil on the big blind calls

Kinesh and Moon both call as well

Flop: 7♣10♣5♠

Gio leads out for 45 000

Gareth calls

Kinesh calls and Moon folds

Turn: K♠

Gio moves all in for 462 000

Gareth calls his all in, and so does Kinesh!!!

3 way All in going to the River!

Gio turns over 9♣8♣ for a flopped flush and straight draw

Gareth tables 7♦7♠ for a flopped set of 7s

Kinesh shows 4♠3♠ turning a flush draw, hoping for a spade to scoop the lot!

The pot is 1.4MILLION!!!

The River: K♣ Gio makes his flush on the river, but Gareth Makes a Full House!!!
Scooping the pot

Gareth is now the Chip leader in the High Roller on 1.4 Million!

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