All in Action!

Blinds: 3 000/6 000 – BB Ante 6 000

Giovanni Zanette raises from the hijack to 15 000

Nico Wiechers on the Button 3bets to 40 000

Hennie Appel in the small blind goes all in for 281 000

Play folds back around to Nico who makes the call

Hennie shows A♣K♠  –  30% 
Nico tables K♥K♣       – 70%



Hennie finds one of the 3 Aces that he needed!

The Odds have swung massively in Hennie’s favor

Nico now only has a 4% chance to win the hand!

Turn: 3♦

River: 8♠

The last King in the deck not coming for Nico this time.

Hennie leaves Nico with 4500 chips!  

Hennie’s stack is now up to 580 000

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