All in on an Outer Table

Blinds: 4 000/8 000 – BB Ante 8 000

Vigandas Simuntis moves all in under the gun for 112 000

Giovanni Zanette calls from the HiJack

Everyone else steps out the way

Vigandas shows A♠K♣ – 43%

Gio flips over 10♦10♠ – 57%

Flop: Q♠8♣5♥ , No help to Vigandas

Turn: 3♠

Gio just dodging an A or a K, he is an 86% favorite to win the hand!!!

River: ……….. 5♣

Gio holds up knocking Vigandas to the rail, there is still time for a re entry, so we might see Vigandas again

Gio now has 1 500 000!!!

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