Interesting one for you!

Blinds 4 000/8 000 – BB Ante 8 000

Warrick Weigand opens up the betting with 20 000 under the gun

Moto Uhara calls in middle position

Gareth Kalil calls from small blind

76 000 in the pot going to the flop:


Gareth checks

Warrick bets 25 000

Moto calls

Gareth calls

Turn: 3♠

All 3 players check

River: 9♠

Gareth checks

Warrick bets 50 000

Moto makes it 150 000

Gareth makes the call

Warrick folds and shows a Jack face up

Moto announces “I bluff”

Gareth tables 5♥3♥ for a bare pair of three’s

Taking down a pot of over 500 000 chips!!!

Gareth is now over 2 000 000 chips!!

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