Today there is a special guest amongst the players in the Little Slam,

South Africa’s very 1st International Poker Super Star!

Mr. Ray Rahme has come out to play in the Sunbet Poker tour

Getting straight into the action!

We join the action on the River,

Blinds 500/1000 – BB Ante 1000

The Board: J♠6♥J♦   Q♠   J♣

There is 140 000 in the pot, Ray leads out for 70 000

After thinking it through, Abdool Essa makes the call

Both players table AQ for a full house and chop the pot!

Close to a 300 000 chip pot in the 1st blind level, things are getting fiery

For those that don’t know, Ray came 3rd in the WSOP Main Event in 2007 for a whopping $3 048 025!!!

Ray is still the number 1 ranked money earner for South Africa according to the Hendon Mobs all time money list

What a pleasure it is to have you playing on the SPT!

The only choice in South African Poker

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