Giovanni Zanette and Gareth Kalil go knock heads!

Blinds: 15 000/30 000 – BB Ante 30 000

Gio raises the action pre flop to 65 000

Gareth makes the call

Flop: 2♣6♣Q♣

Gio continues for 95 000, Gareth calls

Turn: 8♦

Gio bets 255 000, Gareth decides to up the ante

He raises to 1.3Million

Gio goes through the entire hand methodically, taking around 2 minutes and finally deciding to make the call!
There is now 2.9 Million chips in the pot

(With only 16.5million chips in play, thats  17.5% of all the chips in play!!)

The River: A♥, Gio checks it over to Gareth who checks it back

Gareth has 8♣8♠ for a turned set of 8s

Gio tables 7♣5♣ for a flopped flush, winning the hand and scooping the biggest pot of the tournament so far!

Gio is now on 4 100 000 chips, thats 25% of all the chips in play!!!

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