Chandra Deib is making moves!!

The Birthday girl is steam rolling her table at the moment, with any new player that sits down worried if they will be the next casualty!

Blinds 8 000/16 000 – BB Ante 16 000

Eli Vahab limps in early position

Chandra raises the action up to 42 000

Gordon Patterson in on the button makes the call

Franco Da Matta in the small blind moves all in for 185 000

Eli thinks for a while before making a call

Chandra moves over the top and goes all in

Gordon folds, and Eli folds when the action gets to him

Franco shows 8♦8♣ – 20%

Chandra tables A♥A♣ – 80%

The Board runs out clean for Chandra – 229  Q  K

Chandra is now up to 2 000 000 chips!

Happy Birthday Chandra, hopefully this will be a birthday you will never forget!!!

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