All in Action in the Little Slam!

Blinds 10 000/20 000 – BB Ante 20 000

Tianxiang Zhang limps under the gun,

Steven Wylie raises to 45 000

Zlatko Dobronic(Dobbie) and David Foong Lee call

The action gets to Leonard Scott Turner who moves all in from the Big Blind for 150 000

Tianxiang calls the 150 000

Steve back raises Leonards all in to 600 000

Dobbie and David get out the way

Tianxiang gets out of the way as well

Leonard shows K♦Q♦  – 44%

Steve shows A♥10♠  – 56%

The flop pretty much seals Leonards fate


The Turn and River are both Jacks,

Steve rakes in the pot, as Leonard heads to the rail.

Steve is now on 2 400 000

Leonard has asked we mention his daughter Justine in the blog, she is his inspiration and the reason he wants to win a SPT trophy one day! 

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