Gareth Kalil Finishes 3rd!

Blinds 60 000/120 000 – BB Ante 120 000

Lauren Piha raises on the button to 300 000

Fazel Dawood calls from the small blind

Gareth moves all in on the big blind

Lauren snap calls and Fazel folds

Gareth shows Q♣10♥ – 34%

Lauren tables A♦K♦ – 66%

Flop: 8♦10♠3♠

Gareth flops a 10, giving him a lifeline

Turn: K♠, Lauren taking the firm grip on the hand again

River: 9♠

Gareth Kalil eliminated in 3rd place for R250 000

Lauren now has 13Million of the 16.5million chips in play

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