Lauren Piha is the High Roller Champion!

The Final Hand:

Blinds 60 000/120 000 – BB Ante 120 000

Fazel raises to 320 000, Lauren calls

Flop: K♣8♠6♣

Lauren checks to Fazel who bets 300 000

Lauren raises to 1 200 000

Fazel moves all in and Lauren calls

Lauren has 9♣7♣ – 37%

Fazel flips over J♣3♣ – 63%

Lauren needs to spike any 10, 9, 7 or 5 that aren’t a club (12 outs)

Turn: 10♠ giving Lauren a straight,

She is 1 card away from doing something no other women in South Africa has ever done!

River: 2♠

Congratulations to Fazel Dawood on a great tournament cashing R500 000 for his 2nd place finish.

Lauren Piha, the 1st ever female High Roller Champion in South Africa!

Winning a multi-day tournament with players of this calibre is no easy feat. Sitting tight when necessary, and putting her foot on the gas and dictating pots at critical moments, Lauren played the game worthy of the title.

From day 1 Lauren has been on the top end of the Chip Leaderboard. After finding an early double up in the second level of the tournament, Lauren controlled her chipstack, picking up pots on a regular basis and keeping herself comfortably above the average. 

Playing in the same tournament as her long time partner in crime, Ahmed Karrim, was never going to be easy to get past.

However, once play started today she was unstoppable! Knocking out 4 of the 7 other players that came back for day 3!

One setback running AK into Aces, but that was a minor speedbump in what was a Monster Truck driving amongst 4×4’s today!

Congratulations Lauren on your R1 000 000 High Roller Victory!

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