Chad Khoury is All in against Kinesh Pather

Blinds 120 000/240 000

Kinesh raises to 600 000 under the gun

Chad moves all in in the Cut Off for 3 900 000

Kinesh thinks for a long time and then makes the call

Chad has K♦Q♠ – 40%

Kinesh shows A♣J♥ – 60%

Flop: 4♥10♠7♣ , no help to Chad who needs to hit a King or a Queen to stay in the tournament

Turn: Q♦ , Giving Chad the lead in the hand and Kinesh looking for one of the last three Aces in the deck

River: ……… 7♦

Chad gets a full double up through Kinesh

Chad is now on 8Million 

Kinesh is on 2.5Million

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