3 Way All IN!!

Blinds 200/400 – BB Ante 400

6 players limp in pre flop

Flop: J♦9♠8♦

Fazel Dawood bets 2 000

Fernando Ribeiro calls

Matt Mulhall raises to 12 000,

Action folds around to Fazel who moves all in

Fernando goes all in and so does Matt!!!

Fazel – A♦7♦ – 34%

Fernando – J♣9♦ – 19%

Matt – 10♠7♠ – 47%

Pot: 112 000!!!

Turn: 2♦, giving Fazel the Nut flush, leaving Matt drawing dead

Only Fernando can take the pot from him on the river with a J or 9!

River: ……… 3♦

Fazel sending both players to the cash desk for a Re Entry!

The boys have come to play

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