An interesting one!

Blinds 1000/1500 – BB Ante 1500

Sam Gaduzi raises to 6 000 from the button

Nic Ioannoy, Brent Johnson, Kevin Govender and Suren Naidoo make the call

Flop: 4♠6♥4♥

Suren Naidoo leads out 16 000 from the small blind

Just Nic Ioannoy calls from the cut off

Turn: 2♦

Suren bets 25 000, Nic makes the call

River: J♦

Suren checks it over to Nic who bets 60 000

Suren thinks for a while before making the call

Nic tables 5♠3♥ for a turned straight

Suren shows he called with Pocket Queens

Nic wins a pot of 234 000 and is now on 457 000

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