Massive Pot!!

Blinds: 1500/3000 – BB Ante 3000

Lauren Piha limps under the gun, David “Bozo” Rosenthal completes in the small blind and Frans Henning checks his option in the big blind

Flop: 10♣5♣2♦

Action checks through to Lauren who bets 9 000,

Bozo folds and Frans calls

Turn: J♦ – Frans checks to Lauren who bets 18 000, Frans calls

River: J♣

Frans again checks the action to Lauren, who bets 44 000

After thinking for a while, Frans raises it up to 150 000

Lauren goes into the tank for around 5minutes before eventually making the call.

Frans shows J♥5♥ for a rivered full house and nuts in the hand!

Lauren shows 2♣2♥ for a flopped set and rivered lower full house giving Frans the win

Frans now has just under 600 000 chips

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