An interesting one

Blinds 3500/7000 – BB Ante 7000

Sarj M raises pre flop to 15 000 under the gun+1

Clive Kikia calls from the cut off and we go to a flop

Flop: J♣8♥6♦

Sarj leads out for 13 000, Clive min raises the action to 26 000, Sarj calls

Turn: K♣

Sarj checks it over to Clive who bets 15 000, Sarj rasies him to 50 000

Clive makes a quick call and to the river we go

River: 9♠

Sarj leads out for 70 500

Clive thinks for a while before eventually laying it down

Sarj shows his K♦J♠ for a turned two pair!

Sarj wins the pot and is now over the 1 million chip mark!

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