To wonder and ponder

Blinds 4k/8k – BB ante 8k

Darryn Lipman opens under the gun to 25k

Cliton Taliwanth defends in the big blind for 17k more

Flop: 2♣4♥J♥

Cliton checks, Darryn bets 35k, Cliton makes the call

Turn: 8♦ , Cliton checks, Darryn upsizes the bet to 85k, Cliton makes the call

River: 2♥ completing the flush and pairing the board!

Cliton leads out for 160 000 

Darryn thinks for 2minutes before eventually folding

Neither player willing to open their hand, only they will know!!

Cliton wins a pot of 300 000 chips!

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