Maxine Catano out in 27th

Blinds 12k/24k – BB Ante 24k

Jarred Solomon opens under the gun to 65 000

Rudy Singh to his left makes the call

Maxine completes from the small blind and Sylvester Peters in the big blind calls as well

Flop: 9♥6♠3♣

Maxine moves all in for 205 000

Sylvester folds, Jarred calls, Rudy folds

Maxine is at risk with 7♣4♣, a gut shot and a back door flush draw against

Jarred who shows 8♦7♥ for an open end straight draw, but also has Maxine dominated in that if a 7 comes she doesn’t win

Turn: K♥ which changes nothing, Maxine needs to find a 4 to stay in

River: 5♥

Jarred makes his straight and eliminates Maxine

Jarred now has 1.6million

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