Pot for the chip lead in the tournament!

Blinds 300/600 – BB Ante 600

Chrissy Luyt raises from under the gun to 1800

Hagai Dayani re raises to 5 500, Chrissy is the only caller

Flop: 7♣3♦4♠

Chrissy checks to Hagai who starts stacking chips, Chrissy calls the camera man and says get the camera rolling, this is going to be a big pot

As he says this Hagai bets 9 000, Chrissy instantly moves all in

Hagai makes a quick call

Chrissy turns over pocket 4s

Hagai has pocket Aces

The turn is the 5♠, giving chop outs for Hagai, but with the river an irrelevant J♠

Chrissy knocks Hagai to the rail, amassing the chip lead in the process 

Chrissy now has 125 000

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